Disability Awareness and Accessibility Audit

What does a disabled person experience when visiting your church or business? This is an important question, and perhaps a question you have not considered. But with 56 million disabled people living in the United States, it might be a question you need to answer.

SNs360 offers the Disability Awareness and Accessibility Audit for a fee and provides a detailed report highlighting areas of strength and, more importantly, areas of weakness for your facility so you can address the concerns of the disabled and make visiting your church or business easier for the disabled community. As you improve access, you improve the chances of more traffic to your church or business as the tight-knit community of disabled persons will share their experiences with others in the community. In short, part of growing your church or business should include improving access to your facility.

Why should you use SNs360 for your audit? SNs360 utilizes the unique insights only available by someone who is disabled to complete your audit. In doing so, you will receive feedback directly from a member of the disabled community on the accessibility of your church or business. SNs360 is proud to offer employment to disabled persons as we believe they possess the skills and life-experience necessary to provide the highest quality audit to our customers.

The Disability Awareness and Accessibility Audit. Simple. Inexpensive. Smart. Contact us today to arrange a time for your audit.

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