SNs360 strives to be the premier source of hope for families and individuals with disabilities.

We will accomplish this by:

“I am struck by how sharing our weaknesses and difficulties is more nourishing to others than sharing our qualities and successes.”

Jean Vanier • Community and Growth

Dream Big Dance

Dream Big Dance is the flagship event for SNs360.  It is a dance, which intentionally brings together two communities that historically have not intersected well – disability community and faith community. Dream Big Dance is held annually in select cities throughout the country.

Communicircle Conference

Communicircle Conference is a conference for leaders in the disability community. It is essentially a seminar driven conference that promotes collaboration between leaders and communities.

Crave Community Centers

CRAVE Community Centers is the essential hub of all SNs360 seeks to accomplish.  We envision CRAVE Community centers functioning as an anchor for the surrounding community for the purpose of providing social opportunities, jobs, and resources for the disability community.

The Academy

The Academy is a leadership training school developing leaders and volunteers to prepare them to become assets for the disability community. There will be two tracks – leadership and volunteer.  The leadership track will be limited to twelve people to provide essential skills needed to prosper.

Long Term Residential Housing is the focal point of all the programming at SNs360.  It is critical to create an affordable, self sustaining model for adults with disabilities to create a community.


Equal access to education and opportunities


Inclusion in recreational activities, facilities, and events


Advocating for equal vocational opportunities and compensation

Access to needed healthcare support and services


The ability to move towards and independent life

Support and respite opportunities for caregivers of special needs individuals

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There are many ways to support SNs 360. We welcome volunteers, donations-in-kind, and monetary gifts.

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