Disability community – any person with any type of disability; their family; their loved ones; disability advocates; disability organizations

To the disability community:
After spending most of my life trying to “fit” in with a world that does not appreciate my disability, God got my attention in a powerful way. God asked me to stop running and start fighting. In response to that request, my world was radically changed. I decided to start this organization, SNs360, which is focused on promoting collaboration between the disability community and well, everyone else.

Today I am going to do something about it. I will no longer accept the norm of people with disabilities being invisible and not invited to the table. That will no longer be acceptable. My promise to the disability community is the following:

  • Faith communities will value those with disabilities as equally important as all other ministry areas.
  • Inclusion in all aspects of our communities will become the norm, not the exception.
  • Accessibility in all aspects of life: education, vocation, recreation, and transportation will be a priority and become the norm.
  • Disability organizations and groups will work to collaborate their efforts to better serve the disability community.
  • Public policies will incorporate input from the disability community that benefits all members of society.
  • Establish an affordable residential community that is inclusive and becomes the norm in societies around the world.

We will not rest until the disability community is no longer invisible, but becomes recognized as a vital part of the world’s community. We have been neglected, ignored, hidden, and forgotten by the world. It is our time to become visible. Together, TOGETHER the disability community is the largest and most influential community in the world.

I have lived a life with a disability, my love is the disability community, my passion is to be with the disability community, and my interest is transforming the way the world perceives the disability community. God wants me to do something about it. Now I am. And I need you to join me.

Talk is cheap. Action. Produces results.
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TOGETHER, we will transform our communities. #redefiningcommunity

Your friend always,

Founder and Advocate